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P. R. Parker Company, Inc.
Since 1998
About Us
Incorporated in 1998, P. R. Parker Company, Inc began its construction history with a series of small projects in East Texas for TXDOT (Texas Department of Transportation).

The Company has since established itself as an industry leader in asphalt surface treatment and fog seal application and has performed work for major customers such as TXDOT, LADOTD (Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development), NDOR (Nebraska Department of Roads) and numerous other states, counties, parishes, cities and towns.

History and interesting facts

The Company's very first project was a small box culvert for TXDOT to replace an aging wooden bridge near the town of Corrigan in Polk County, Texas. Since that time the Company has continued to pursue TXDOT work. The Company’s first contract in excess of one million dollars was for TXDOT, and then later the Company's first contract over three million dollars was another TXDOT project. The majority of the work that P. R. Parker Company has performed for TXDOT has been in Districts: 1 (Paris), 2 (Fort Worth), 10 (Tyler), 11 (Lufkin), 18 (Dallas) and 19 (Atlanta) all of which lie within a radius of approximately 200 miles of the Company's Shreveport Office.

The Company's largest contract through its first three years of operation was for LADOTD, and then later the Company’s first contract in excess of two million dollars was another LADOTD project. The LADOTD projects that the Company had completed through 2007 were all located north of Interstate 10 within approximately 200 miles of the Shreveport Office. Then in 2008, the Company ventured farther south, all the way to the Gulf of Mexico, but still has no plans to venture east of the Mississippi River in Louisiana.

P. R. Parker Company rarely pursues work in private markets or as a subcontractor. However, in certain cases where the Company does perform work for entities other than our usual state, city, county and federal customers, those owners or contractors have met certain financial requirements and have a favorable credit history, and the prime contracts when we operate as a subcontractor are typically bonded projects.

Some of the Company’s primary purchases include: liquid asphaltic cements and emulsions, crushed stone, ready-mixed concrete, pipe, pre-cast concrete structures, reinforcing steel, diesel fuel, and lubricating oils.

The Company uses equipment and vehicles (purchase, rental, or lease): Ford pickup trucks and vehicles, heavy trucks, trailers, loaders, rollers, power brooms, compactors, paving equipment,  excavators, graders,  other heavy equipment, surveying instruments, computers, software, and miscellaneous construction-related items.
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