Ouachita & Richland Parishes, LADOTD


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This resurfacing project is comprised of eight different roads in two parishes of northeast Louisiana along the I-20 corridor.  The work consists of asphaltic surface treatment, traffic control signing, pavement striping and raised reflective pavement markers.

Ouachita Parish:     Richland Parish:
Camp Rd     Start Rd
Vancil Rd     Dunn Rd
Well Rd     Delhi Rd
Garrett Rd      
Thomas Rd      

Below: Aggregate is being applied over liquid asphalt by a chip spreader with a dump truck in tow full of rock chips.  It can be seen that the first side, or lane of the roadway has had both asphalt and aggregate applied, and the only thing left to do is broom the excess loose aggregate from the surface, and place new pavement markings including stripes, symbols and buttons.


Above: CRS-2P emulsified liquid asphalt is being applied to the surface of the road by one of our asphalt distributors.  The chip spreader is visible in the background following closely behind spreading the aggregate.

Above: A chip spreader applies crushed aggregate chips over fresh liquid asphalt as it approaches the end of an asphalt land on Thomas Road.