Van Zandt Drainage

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The project consisted of grading and drainage work including some concrete structures and fence replacement.  One nearby lake had to be completely drained by pumping while another was lowered by use of an existing valve structure. 

Bulldozers were used in a slot-dozing procedure to remove and stockpile earthen material from slope failures and slides.  The problem areas were then benched and stabilized.  The stockpiled material was then replaced, compacted, and graded smooth.  The repaired areas were then seeded, fertilized, and mulched.


Our Superintendent coordinated equipment, material and personnel simultaneously at two locations .

The drainage structures that we installed consisted of pre-cast concrete pipe and specially fabricated galvanized metal components.  The pipe was installed with cast-in-place concrete cradles for additional stability.  The metal components were built in our shop and then sent to a local facility to be hot-dipped galvanized.