Market Street & Lake Street Sidewalk Improvements

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The project consists of removing the old concrete sidewalks and non-compliant wheelchair ramps, and upgrading to brick paved sidewalks and truncated dome warning pads on new wheelchair ramps.  The old overhead power lines along Market Street were eliminated by relocating the electrical service to the adjacent building around to the back alley. The old curbs were replaced with new ones and new decorative light poles and fixtures were added along with several tree wells with grates and trees.  The project is located in Downtown Shreveport in front of the Silver Lake Ballroom (The Hunter Building).  These pictures were taken shortly after completion of the project.



A view of one of the new light poles with double globe fixtures and one of the new tree wells with grates and newly planted tree.

  Looking East along Lake St. towards Market St .      



A nice view of the work along the South side of Lake Street looking West.

We matched the truncated dome brick pavers used to construct the handicap warning pads to the standard City of Shreveport brick pavers.  This is a view of the work along Market Street looking North

ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requires a warning pad with a truncated dome surface for easy detection at every wheelchair ramp.