Cass County SH-49

Cass County SH-49 was a project for TXDOT in northeast Texas on several roads in several counties within TXDOT District 19 (Atlanta). The $1.3 million project incorporated hot AC-20-5TR and pre-coated crushed stone and pre-coated lightweight aggregate.


The asphalt rate is discussed and determined prior to application based on road surface conditions including temperature.

Loading a distributor with hot AC-20-5TR asphalt from a tanker as several tankers wait in the background

Shot paper is laid and held in place by loose aggregate at the begining of the shot to insure a crisp starting line

Distributor begins shot (application of asphalt) in left lane next to completed right lane

Spray-bar distributing hot asphalt with a slight overlap of the adjacent completed lane. A covered tab is visible at the lower right

Chip spreader covering the shot with a fresh rock land with dump truck in tow.

Three rollers are used to insure overlap

Excess aggregate is removed by brooming prior to releasing traffic

Dump trucks lined up to be loaded with aggregate